Long time investors, "Captain Kate" (The United States Navy's First Lady Admiral) and Doc' Lindley, (founder of AirTran Airlines), with Kelcas owner Mr. Wilhelm Lilliehook.

“Received check today. Many thanks. A few more checks like this and we buy an airplane.”

Investor Peter Ekman, main purchaser for several refineries in Scandinavia (320,000 bbls/day)

“I have been purchasing oil for over 30 years and been involved with Kelcas since 2005. I enjoy its performance and potential. I get more involved every year.”

Investor Wendy Lienhart

“Kelcas leases our property and drills for oil, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the relationship that we’ve built together. We appreciate the results and anticipate a long, prosperous partnership. Cooper, Banistre, and Peyton Lienhart represent the fifth generation and they are proud to be future custodians of the land that is Baldauf Farms. As a family which has farmed this land for nearly 140 years, we appreciate that Kelcas upholds its promise of caring for our land and respecting that it is a working farm. Everybody is a winner!”