Jake Campbell

Production Superintendent

Jakob Campbell, a co-founder of Campbell Energy started with the company since inception. Starting with ¾ bbl per day, by 2016 Jake built Campbell Energy into the top oil producer in the Illinois Basin, producing over 4600 bbl of oil per day. While being the most active driller in the basin over the last couple years, Campbell Energy continues to increase reserves and production on a scale not seen before in the Illinois Basin. In addition to Campbell Energy, Jake has holdings in the largest well service provider in the Illinois Basin, one of the largest agricultural operations in Illinois, commercial hunting operations, banking, and real estate. Jake serves on the Illinois Oil and Gas Association Board of Directors, and is a member of Ioga, Inoga, and the Independent Producers Association. Jakob Campbell was recognized by the Ioga at the 2013 annual banquet for Outstanding Exploration and Development by a group of his peers as well as the Indiana Oil and Gas association as the Operator of the Year in 2016.