Q: Why does Kelcas offer this investment opportunity?
A: The investment opportunity is enormous and too big for the two principals to handle alone.
Q: Why does not Kelcas borrow money directly from the banks for their own projects?
A: Kelcas & Campbell are financing up to 50% of the projects and offer the balance to investors.
Financing from banks do not cover exploration costs for these huge projects.
Q: Why does Kelcas turn to investors outside America?
A: Kelcas key principal is a Swedish national with established agents throughout Scandinavia. Investors in the US must be accredited which means a free fortune of minimum $1M.
Q: Why invest in oil?
A: Oil continues to be the biggest mineral and energy source. It will probably remain in that position for an unforeseen future. With higher expected interest rates the coming years, other investment opportunities looks somewhat tougher.
Q: What happens if a well that you invested in is “dry”?
A: The Illinois Basin area has produced over 4 Billion BO since 1896. The New Harmony project has over 240 producing wells and more than 1000 potential well locations on over 60,000 live acres. All at very low risk. No dry holes are expected.
Q: What does the partnership look like with Campbell?
A: The cooperation between Kelcas & Campbell and is a 50/50 Joint Venture and guarantees a successful exploration.
Q: What is the procedure for investing in Kelcas’ projects?
A: Read the PDF or graphic  below describing a 50% investor, the maximum external investment for each well. Also see our animation kelcas investment at Youtube!
Q: Who receives the money at the start of the project?
A: Kelcas, see the process in #6 above.
Q: How do I know that I get my money from the sale of the oil produced from the partly invested well?
A: The investment is Working Interest, WI, and is basically part of the well’s cash flow. The oil purchaser requests registration of all investors economical
interest. This is done through an assignment that is recorded in the local courthouse and proportional to the investment in %. No payment can be made without refinement from the refinery without each WI owner having its share.
Q: How often do I get my payments from this sale?
A: Payment for the oil is done monthly to the investor.
Q: How do I know that I own a stake in the project?
A: Kelcas register the economical interest in the local courthouse.

Q: What is Working Interest [WI]?
A: WI – according to ”Money in the Ground” page 398;
Working Interest – An interest created by the execution of an oil and gas lease. The owner of a 100% working interest has the exclusive right to explore for oil and gas on a tract of land, along with the obligation to pay 100% of the cost of drilling completion, and producing any oil or gas found. The working-interest owner is entitled to all revenues from the production attributable to a lease, after deducting royalty interests (and any other burden of the lease). He may reduce his share of revenue by carving out revenue interests and transferring them to others: an override to an employee, for example.
Q: What is Working Interest [WI] – according to Kelcas’ metod?
A: WI – according to Kelcas business model & Investment agreement;
Some crucial extract from Kelcas Investment agreement [dated November 2018];
– “It is the responsibility of the Managing Member of the Company to use its best possible effort to protect the interest of the Investor in order to minimize risks and maximize the revenue from production of crude oil and natural gas.” [1]
– “The investor is hereby guaranteed a minimum return of 10% yearly calculated on the invested amount starting six (6) months from the date of the investment and during a period of thirty six (36) months thereafter.” [2 P]
The Kelcas business model include costs that otherwise are divided between the WI owners – unplanned costs e.g.:
– equipment failure
– disturbance due to weather + delay costs
–  plugging costs are prepaid – if the well is not commercial
Kelcas projects are always Turn Key + No surprises.
Kelcas offers  low risk investments and a monthly cash flow from producing oil wells. Operational costs are deducted from our cash flow estimates without any extra costs. Minimum 10% interest per year of the invested amount.
The WI part is paid out after deduction of  30% Royalty Interest, e.g. mainly to the mineral and land owners. Kelcas and Campbell are participating equally and are part of the WI as all other investors i.e. sharing any costs due to the operation of drilling and maintaining the well.