Federico “Fred” Marques

Chief Technology & Strategy Officer

Fred brings his technical acumen and organizational talent to Kelcas, where he is engaged in strategy and planning, fundraising, and investor relations. Also responsible for vetting technologies, he’s focused long term on a the transition to emerging energy sectors.

He spent the early part of his career at Bayer, where he worked as Head of Quality, improving processes and systems. In 2001, Fred received the NAFTA Energy Award for energy efficient design, and filed multiple patents for chemistry, energy efficiency, and design. In 2008, he left Bayer and co-founded Ruggles Green Restaurants, where he currently serves as director. That same year, he began Living Systems, an innovative, clean technology company. He has a passion for renewable energy and sustainable design.

A former tennis professional and instructor, Fred also enjoys reading, hiking, and hydroponic gardening. He has been married since 2004, and has three children.